College Tour X

Tour Overview

What is the X for?

  • College TOUR X-clusive. CTX members are collegiate athletes and the top rising amateurs in the game. CTX players are battle tested and are competing to raise their games to the next level. X-citing: CTX PLAYERS Championship season finale features a poolside social, DJ X-treme, Long Drive Championship, Short Game Battles and more. We strive to be the next level tour for aspiring amateur golfers!

Why Play College TOUR X?

Our events are designed to keep players sharp during team competition seasonal breaks. World Amateur Golf Ranking (WAGR) points are up for grabs at all CTX events which can propel our CTX tour players to the next level. Our CTX championships are contested on fabulous golf courses at iconic and charming venues.

What is Vicinity Based Strategic Scheduling?

Simply put, more golf and less travel. CTX schedule offers athletes several opportunities to participate in two WAGR counting championships contested back to back at nearby venues.

Still Have Questions?

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